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ScanTrack - GPS GSM/GPRS Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) and Tracking System
ScanTrack monitors on an internet connected PC, on the map, the position, speed, heading and other technical paremeters of the vehicle.

GPS AVL Systems

Advantages of using ScanTrack:
  • Saving up to 15-20% of fuel consumption by eliminating deviations from a given path
  • Increasing the personnel efficency by tracking the activities and eliminating the dead time
  • Increasing the operativity and precise scheduling of clients serving
  • Precise informing of the client over the location of the transported goods
  • Increasing the vehicle safety quick localisation in the event of theft
  • Savings on the insurance bills
  • Using a special predictive algorithm for GSM data transfer
    ScanTrack has the lowest operating cost !
At any time can be shown the following:
  • The position on the map of the vehicles
  • Date, hour, speed and heading during all trip
  • Track in a given time period
  • Signaling of special situations (breakings, overspeed, etc.)
  • Stopping and running time periods
  • Vehicle engine status ON/OFF
  • Other technical parameters of the vehicle
ScanTrack can print reports upon requested functions:
  • Any time period during running and/or parking
  • The name of the streets and the cities
  • Speed, heading, date, hour in any point of the track
  • The number of the vehicle screened
  • Speed limits, geographical fence limits
  • Additional features on demand
The ScanTrack system consists of:
  • The hardware module GPS GSM/GPRS (TCP/IP and/or SMS based) installed on each vehicle
  • An internet connected PC (with a real IP address)
  • The GIS software module
  • Digital maps for the target area
Costs Necessary:
GPS/GSM Module one time cost one for each vehicle
GIS software module
and Digital Map
one time cost one licence for each vehicle
PC computer one time cost one piece
Internet Connection periodic costs depending on your
Internet Service Provider
GSM SIM Card periodic costs depending on your
GSM (mobile phone)
Service Provider
The data transfer through GSM network can be reprogrammed at any time with different time intervals (one second, one minute, ten minutes, sixty minutes etc) choosen for best results and operating cost.
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